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We are totally stoked about our rooftop garden.  With 10,000+ square feet of usable space, we can finally realize our dream of creating a large scale, productive garden that will provide fresh herbs, spices and vegetables for our kitchen.   The garden will be constructed of large boxes that we have built using recovered wooden pallets and will be mobile, allowing us to reposition as needed.  Seedling planting started in April and we expect to begin planting the boxes themselves in May.  Check out the pics below and follow our social feed for updates.  

rooftop garden

We're putting used coffee cups we've collected from our coffee set ups to a second use as containers for our seedlings.

10,000+ square feet of available space for the garden.  Wow!  Should we rename ourselves Good Earth Catering & Farm?

garden boxes

These are boxes from our previous garden. The new boxes will have a similar design, but will be built entirely from reclaimed wood.

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